Monday, September 3, 2012

Music Monday: Play On

I've been revisiting a bunch of my old CD's lately, and I happened upon one I bought after a concert in Bothell, Washington. It was a concert by An Dochas, a group specializing in Irish/Celtic/Gaelic music, and it's about as rousing a style of music as I've ever heard.

Forget the placid coffee-sipping kind of stuff. This is more like the kind of music to possess the red slippers, to make you skip through the house cleaning everything in sight before you can wonder what the hell is going on...

I have two of their CD's, "Play On" and "What'll Ya Have?" though I like the first better.

It's rather like Zumba music... I can't keep my feet still from the first measure, and before I know it I'm whirling all around the house. It would horrify all of you, I'm sure, but my kids and the hubby are used to it by now. And when An Dochas is playing, my kids are dancing, too. It's rather contagious that way.

Now I just need to get a pair of those clogs to go with the music. And one of those twirly skirts, too.

What music gets your feet tapping? Please share. Even better, how do you use music in your daily lives? Does it help your writing? Does it calm you down at the end of the day? Entertain you on your commute? Well, don't hold back! Get out that twirly skirt of yours and let us all see!


  1. You don't want to see me in my twirly skirt, trust me. :) "Got to be rock and roll music if you want to dance with me." I am pretty much a prisoner of the 60s. But my play list seems to have a surprising amount of opera, classical, and new music from the kids of today. Dunno. Conflicted. It helps me run in the mornings.

    1. I love classical, Max, but for some reason I've been enamored with Evanescence more lately. Newer than your favorite decade, true, but they can rock.

      Can't say the 60's have me. I'm more of a Queen, Eagles, Bread sort of rocker. Though I hate AC/DC with a white hot passion.