Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun Friday: A Poem about The Hubby

My children and I often "write" orally--telling stories and inventing all sorts of verses aloud. I wonder at times whether I'm raising them to be writers or just nerds... perhaps both.

Anyway, in the car on the way home from school, we started discussing how people lose their hearing, eyesight, etc., and we all three realized that their beloved father was nearly deaf in one ear, nearly blind in one eye, had issues with one foot, etc. Thus, this poem was born:

Half of Our Dad is Falling Apart

We know that our father looks quite normal to you
His clothes are all neat, and his hair tidy, too,
But his looks are skin deep, his appearance deceiving,
For half of his body is planning on leaving.

While one of his eyes keeps on dutifully looking,
The other is blurring and swirling, and lurking
Inside it are dark spots and pressure abounding; 
Its lazy reluctance is truly astounding.

But that isn't all, for his ears are the same
One is still sharp, but the other is lame
From too many KISS concerts or some other reason
It's left off its senses, gone deaf, bent on treason.

His leg is bum, too, for its knee doesn't work
Locking his hip bone and moving with jerks
And shooting some pain further down to his heel
Which also rebels, going rigid as steel.

One hand is all crampy, its thumbnail is sore,
Its knuckles all puffy, its fingertips four
Either move with some effort or don't move at all
Or ache from his pushups or bouncing a ball.

One nostril works great, while the other is plugged
One shoulder is fine, but one numb and drugged,
One side of his back creaks and groans as he walks,
One side of his lips won't help out when he talks. 

So do not be fooled by this man from the start
For one half of our dad is all falling apart.

Got any body parts that are rebelling at this point? Any of this strike a chord? My students are all in their late teens, but even they claim to have body parts that have stopped working...

Have a great Friday, everyone, and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yeah the left side..blind, bum knee, bad elbow, losing hearing, and the hand cramps up. Seriously half of me is aging three times faster than the other half.