Sunday, March 20, 2011


Anger wanes
With time
Unless we grasp onto it
With hate in our fingers
Bitterness pounding in our forehead
Resentment oozing from our skin
Like sweat
Selfish to prove others wrong
To be right instead of at peace.

Sorrow leaves us
As years pass
Unless we decide
We need to understand
The reason for it
Unless we need to find
That we have caused it in some way
That we can blame someone
For the tears

Let go of time
Release your pain and hate
For while you seek the
That do not exist
You lose
The time you have
For nothing


  1. I love how your poems have an artistic flow—and actually make sense, while driving home a key point...thx for sharing.

  2. I can forgive and, even at times leave the sorrow behind for years and years but then someone will do a cruel thing and it brings back the worst of days.

    I have forgiven now, and still do everything almost as soon as the touch of pain leaves me but it is simply the memory of all, the knowledge of how cruel we really can be that saddens me while I remember the worst, hardest days.

    *sigh* Thanks for this Shakes. It is good advice.

  3. Wonderful poem, you've captured such an important life lesson. This should be read out to everyone on their 20th birthday or something :)

  4. By the way have you heard of you can get others ratings of your poems and editors may see them too :)

  5. Thanks, Carole Anne Carr! And thanks for visiting my blog, too.

    Poems do need to make sense, Jeff, at least for me. I've always found it frustrating to read a poem five times over and still have it not make any sense to me.

    I'm sorry, Walking Man, that you had to go through that pain. Forgiveness and moving onward is a gradual process, one that keeps returning and returning. I just don't want it to dominate my life so that I lose what I have now.

    Thanks, Kangaroobee! I'll check out the website.