Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Show Me

Show me
The couple
With no kids
Who need a four-thousand-square-foot
Vacation home
With two pools
And beach access

Then I can look at my own home and feel bad

Show me
The yachts
The parties
Of the rich and snooty
Dining on specific kinds of cheese
I couldn't find
Unless I went to France

Then I can chew, tearful, on my vegan hot dog in a wheat bun

Show me
The drive of the spendthrifts
Who fork over thousands for trips
And wedding dresses
And man caves
And luxury seats
To watch a game, a play, a show
That I see for pennies on my television

Then I can wish I had the money to burn, to waste

No, wait!
Better yet,

Show me
People who care about something
Enough to work hard
To fix it
To feed those in need
To sacrifice their time
Their hard-earned money
And their whole lives
To help the world

Just a minute
I forgot
People like that don't make it on TV, do they?


  1. Because you see
    There are people like you and me

    To tell her and stop him
    Show them

    Glad to see your fingers again.:)

  2. Nope no TV spots of fame for them and interestingly enough no glory wall on their offices either.

  3. A fine comic poem. The last line was a nice surprise.