Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What About Now?

You say you want
To be happy

"If only..."
You begin,
If only jobs were abundant
Your house was nicer
The kids were cleaner
The cat didn't throw up so much
The dishes came out of the dishwasher clean
Your boss appreciated you
You could get that other job
That other role
That other guy
That other body
That other place
That other anything

And in the meantime?

You pout and pine
Grumbling over dirty dishes
And wasted dreams
Longing for times past
Or times to come
If only you can get a break
If only you can wake up in the morning
Ready to face the day
Knowing it's worth living for

Screw that

Stop ignoring what's around you
The sun might be dim
But it's there
The world is turning
You're alive
And fit enough to read this page

Today is just long enough
To get something done
To make a difference
To act
To be happy

Use it
And worry about tomorrow


  1. Is an atheist allowed to say "Amen"?

  2. I'm trying, too, Jeff.

    And, yes, The Mother, you may absolutely say that...

  3. Sounds like a plan to me. Let's go to the coffee shop waste a 1/2 day bullshitting about nothing and the other half working on something that means in the end—nothing.