Sunday, October 17, 2010

Invisible Growing--For Jeff

The earth seems stagnant
Dead and waiting
Waiting for something
Not for me

The air oppresses
Hot with moisture
Heavy with pressure
Weighing down on me

Nothing will happen
I think to myself
I will sit in this soil
Fester and rot

But I feel little shoots
Of pain in the roots
Of me

Pushing out into
The deep, wet soil
Heading out where I cannot see

And something in my shoulders
Tells me the sun is growing closer
Am I a little taller?

Is that a branch? A leaf?
Don't tell me those are rosebuds
On my outstretched arms

I thought that I was hopeless
Caught in nothing
Stuck within the stationary

But just as I suspected
I was growing all along
And soon the buds will bloom
Turning into ripest fruit.

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