Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Early Morning

Up again
Mind churning
Faster than
The world is turning

Child cries
Cuddle close
Where child lies
While night-time flows

Snoring sounds
Filter in
All around
A softened din
(of sleep)

But I'm awake
The world a weight--
Oh, for God's sake,
It's just to late
(to sleep again).


  1. I love those mornings when my head is buzzing with fresh ideas. Unfortunately, I usually lose them before coffee.

  2. I hate waking up... give me a midnight writing session any day!

  3. I love the condensed approach of this one! It feels like raw observation.

  4. I love poems written in this style...I feel as though I am there

  5. at least it's a kid for you, try a 50 pound licking dog who wakes you and then falls asleep in your arms. gahahhhh