Friday, October 8, 2010

Spiders -- For Goth

Is it that their wiggly legs
With hair or plastic looking
Might fall into your runny eggs
When you are busy cooking?

Or do you fear the brown recluse
Who hides inside your closet?
Or patchy webs in that old spruce
That make you want to lose it?

Instead of shivering in your shoes
Or jumping back in fear
Think, "Spiders would make great tattoos
Or fancy underwear."

"I think I'd like to dress like one
For Halloween, or Christmas
Their weaves shine like aluminum
And float between things, weightless

"Perhaps I'll climb into the lap
Of Daddy Longlegs, napping,
Or try a taste of venomed sap
Black Widow makes--most strapping!

"I want to see the world their way
The people passing by
Too big, or running all away,
While I sit in the sky.

"Such an adventure it would be
To be the spider on my knee
If she were I and I were she
A spider, weird and wild, and free."


  1. Somehow, as pretty a poem as this is, I doubt he'll change his attitude. But thanks for trying!

  2. I'd sooner be bit by the black widow (as long as i didn't have to mate with her--you know how hungry they are after wards)--than a daddy long legs the most poisonous spider in North America.

  3. I am so glad you are back and with such a piece of lovely poetry... If we reallytry we will... you will, you already do, you rock man...

  4. I like spiders, as long as they don't fall on my head or appear too unexpectedly! Good poem