Thursday, March 11, 2010

Birthday Grading

So many Facebook friends have wished me a happy birthday today. I've never been so inundated with messages (and it's kind of surprising, for I check out my Facebook page about once every three months).

Birthday wishes, alas, often do not come to fruition. I woke at four this morning, after four--yes, four--hours of sleep, so that I could continue to grade the last smaller for both of my classes. I finished one class's papers, and the bright spot in my day was being able to hand them back to students today. Then I came home to find that my son had spit in a kid's face during library time, and I had to meet with him and a school librarian to go over all of it (when kids do horrid things, that's what the schools make us parents do).

My husband won't be home for at least another 2 1/2 hours (he's at an enforced event--can't get out of it), and since my son was awful, we didn't even get to go to Taco Bell for some Gorditas. What did I have? A salad. And now I'm writing to all of you, even though I still have eleven papers to grade by tomorrow morning, and my neck hurts.

I'd really like to relax and watch something completely vacuous on television. I'd like a handsome massage therapist to come to my door and tell me "someone" hired him to give me a two-hour massage. I want to build a fire in the fireplace, cozy up to a hot chai, listen to some great music, or just go to sleep and make up for all I lost last night.

But I can't do any of that. I can't even talk on the phone with anybody right now, for I don't have the time to spare. I shouldn't be writing my blog right now. I'll just pay for it later, when I have to get up at four again to grade what I didn't get to.

I sure hope my lame birthday doesn't mean I have to be an adult now. Sure, I don't go for all the presents and stuff, or the balloons, or the decorated cake, but I almost feel like my birthday just didn't happen, like my birthday came and went and I didn't notice.

Weird. I hope to post something happier tomorrow. I'll have all the papers graded by then!


  1. I sure hope you find a day to recover. Your life makes mine seem enjoyable... thx (lol)

    Sorry to hear it was your birthday, we all know the older you get the less you want this to occur.

    Just know you son is normal, and sometimes that is just who he was born to be. Kind of sounds like me when I was little and I turned out all calm and peaceful when i got older... what out for those teenage years thou.

    Hope it works out.

  2. Happy birthday!

    Whew, just under the wire. You would not believe the week I'm having.

    Actually, maybe you would.

  3. Well, happy birthday when you get it. Surely, some day.

  4. I will get a birthday... Richard asked me how it felt when he got home last night (at around 11 p.m., and yes, I was still up grading)...

    "How does what feel?" I asked... It was hard to think about the birthday amidst all this grading and other stuff. I'm certainly ready to finish these last few papers and spend my afternoon relaxing! I'm exhausted!