Friday, October 16, 2009


It's Friday, less than an hour before my kiddos pop off the big yellow school bus, and I've had quite a week! I could stress about the illness, the lice maintenance (still nitpicking!), the incessant paper grading, prepping for two new classes while finishing up two old classes, blah, blah, blah...

But I've been doing that a little too much lately. Instead, I'll just give you a link to Roy's World so that you can feel soothed, too, letting the music and swimming aquatic fantasy melt you into your chair. I watched that video through twice already, and I'll likely go back and watch it through a few more times. 

I'll do this if you do: I will do all I physically and psychically can to relax this weekend--to let go of all the crap that I've been storing in my very bones--and you do the same. I have a lot of options to choose from to help me along the way:

1. Get my papers graded today, before the weekend starts.
2. Convince my hubby to give me a massage.
3.  Listen to some new age music.
4. Set up a candle-lit dinner with my kids (they LOVE that!).
5.  Daydream about this new mermaid novel I've been thinking--not brainstorm, not outline, just daydream (no stress, remember).
6.  Sleep in late or turn in early (or both!).
7.  (Let my husband) build a fire in the fireplace and roast marshmallows.
8. Pet my cat.
9.  Watch a good movie.
10.  Read to my children.

Ready to relax? I know I am. Let me know what you plan to do to relax this weekend, and I'll keep you posted on my own progress towards peace of mind.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you join nanowrimo and bring your daydream book alive.

  2. Thanks, Barbara! I've been too far from writing for too long!

  3. Sleep a lot, write in my book... watch a ton of football, and eat lots of junk food. and my be even take a few shots of Jack D to help relax.

    maybe watch a flick with my kids. hope your weekend works out for you...

  4. Recover and, I think, do some writing on something new and exciting. Perhaps troll through my mangas.

  5. My schedule is starting to fill up. After weeks of seemingly little to do, I'm busy with assignments and tutoring students. I'm glad to be busy, and I'm glad you can relax. Enjoy!

  6. I will simply live the 24 hours of today without trying to squeeze 25 hours into it. I will sleep when tired, eat when hungry, laugh without thinking, touch without wondering, wash, rinse and repeat tomorrow.

  7. I think I'll pass on the alcohol, Jeff, since I'm sick, but the sleeping sounds necessary. I slept ten hours last night, and I'll likely take a nap.

    Stephanie, you and I will both be getting better, I hope. I assume that's why I haven't seen recent blogs... sorry you are still recovering.

    I'm glad being back in the swing of things makes you happy, neenee. I like the swing of things, but I need to back away from it a few days each week.

    Walking Man, your advice about the hours is one I have never considered. It would probably make me as happy as not spending more than I earn. Peace of mind. Sometimes it isn't so good to be driven.