Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Classes are OVER!

My online class fiasco is finally (I hope) over! I turned in grades tonight, and barring several students suing me because I wouldn't let them plagiarize their entire essays for credit, I think I'm done. 

I won't say it was fun. It wasn't. There were brief moments of slight enjoyment, but mostly I hated every second of it. I loathed it more than pretty much anything I've done recently, apart from changing poopy diapers (not on my own kids, since they are long since trained). 

On the other hand, my two classes on campus are running along smoothly, and my students seem truly dedicated to their grade (if they aren't dedicated to writing), so I believe these classes will continue to go well. And my other two online classes look like they are going to be a whole lot of fun. They aren't going to take nearly the same time commitment, and though I also won't be paid the same for them, I really can't say I care. Even the worst tasks of these classes will be far above the poopy diaper scale of horror. 

It will take me several days to come down from the stress. I will need a lot of sleep, several good books, and even a few precious writing days to erase the stench from my brain.

And then I will send happy thoughts out to the universe--oh, I think I'm doing that already! Can you see my grin from here?


  1. ha ha ha ha ha Every professor I know holds the same opinion of online classes. I wonder why the GPA hounds forget to realize that you're online and have if not better, exactly the same search and research capability, they have.

    I think you are a better, more forgiving, lot than I could ever be.

  2. Forgiving. Yes, I think that's the word.

    Perhaps it is my Piscean tendencies, but I am unable to separate my feelings from the logical of a situation. Even as I do what I should, my heart breaks for the offender.

    I could never be a judge. I'd do it well, but I would be an emotional wreck.

  3. I'm sorry those classes were so onerous, but I'm glad they're behind you. I know you love teaching so, having classes that were miserable, work but not satisfaction intensive is a serious bummer.

  4. Yes it is much better to work at something you at least like... instead of dread and hate every second of it.

    So I agree, do the classes you like or even enjoy. And your stress will go down dramatically from that...

    Glad to hear life/work is getting better for you.

    Best of luck.