Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Swear I am Writing... Just not Here!

I checked my blog page only to realize that, even though my life was not a whirlwind right now, I still hadn't posted a blog entry since Saturday (which has been my usual MO since I began teaching heavily in August). 

Believe me, I have been busy! And, despite what you might think, I haven't just filled my life with grading and kid homework this week--I've actually been working on my novel!!!!!

Yes, the second novel, the one that made it to the top 100 entries of the Breakthrough Novel contest, is getting its overhaul. I've been reading madly through the draft, working to find the bad parts, the very bad parts, and the downright horrid parts, and figure out ways to make them all into great parts (or at least replace the horrid parts with not so horrid parts).

Honestly, the first half of the novel is pretty great. I was caught up into every page, trapped by the suspense I myself created... it was magnificent!

And then I reached page, oh, 167, and the bottom dropped out through the floor. Pretty much as soon as it stopped pouring (the novel is based on a modern-day Noah's ark story), the whole novel faltered. Sunshine started beating down on the boat, on its characters, bleaching out everything, gumming up the machinery, and pretty much bringing anything exciting to an absolute standstill. 

I could be discouraged. Okay, I am a little. I'd love for the whole thing to be spectacular, and for it to be ready to send to agents. Still, the first half of the novel gives me hope that the second half can be much better, as long as I recognize what worked in the first half and carry that through in the second half. 

Giving myself the opportunity to toss out whole chapters is rather exciting, too. Why settle? I have the computer memory... why not create something a whole hell of a lot better? 

I'll let you know how it goes...


  1. My daughter gave me some insight on my own novel recently, but I'm still deep in the throws of yet another one, so I'm still in love with it.

  2. I like writing novel length fiction. God knows I love the intensity of the process and the sitting for hours telling lies and stories within the lies. Sweat pouring, literally rolling down my hunched over back as pound furiously at the keyboard. Getting pissed at every interruption and not noticing the ashtray overflowed two days ago. I love those hours and days and weeks.

    Then comes the edits. I love the writing much more than the edits. The edit where I learn I lost myself after the first paragraph. ha ha ha

    Be Well Shakes...once I learn to love edits or if you do then we can share a secret.

  3. i hope you find the ray of light your looking for... and plz keep us posted.

    if i didn't work or have a family i could find the time to write more. but it is damn hard thing to do...