Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Favorite Day

I bet y'all thought today must be my birthday! You know it isn't Christmas, nor is it (American) Thanksgiving. No gifts will be exchanged, no parties planned, no cakes made (thank goodness!).

No, it's just my favorite day in the world, the one day of the year I get an extra hour to work on stuff. I've said about a million times before (on this very blog) that I wish I had a Timeturner (and if you don't know what that is, you need to read the Harry Potter books--or at least the third one). This is the one day when time is turned back for me.

Sure, it's only one hour. But that hour is one of the most precious things I have to use, and I have so much I can do with that one hour:

1. Read more to my kids.
2. Give them their piano lessons this week (unlike last week).
3. Go to zumba.
4. Write my day's installment of my NaNo novel.
5. Assess the 101 essays (okay, this will likely take two hours--but I can get half of it done).
6. Revise 3-4 pages of my Thomas novel.
7. Make and enjoy a gourmet, made-from-scratch dinner or cheesecake.
8. Cut out a dress or blouse to sew.
9. Finish reading The City of Ember.
10. Go through my daughter's clothing (or son's clothing, or my own clothing).

I have a much longer list of possibilities, but these are the most likely. What will you do with this blessed extra hour? Sleep? Whine? Watch the boob tube? Don't do that! Make the hour count for something!

Now I'm all done bossing. I don't want to waste anymore time, for that extra hour is awaiting me, needing all my energy and drive. Make your own hour count! I know I will!


  1. I'm rereading some manga for inspiration with a Roxy curled on my lap.

  2. We had ours last week. I wish I'd had your good advice then because I fear I didn't do it justice.

  3. If like me, you were retired you would notice no difference, the dogs especially the big moose, woke me at the same place Orion was in the sky today as yesterday (seasonally adjusted by a degree of course)

  4. Well damn I hate to admit I take taht precious hour to slepp... :-(

  5. Ken Kens. My favorite waste of an hour.

  6. i spend the extra hour sleeping... now thats a great way to spend an extra hour.