Saturday, March 20, 2010


Open up the world,
Reach out to all the jellybeans.

The pink ones are the sweetest
All rosy flavored
Looking cheerily
Out into the world
Friends with everyone.

Yellow ones nip a little
At your nose
But they look you full in the face
And tell the truth
But with shoulder rub
To ease the blow.

Green ones jump
Almost too hard to catch
But spend a moment with one
And the vigorous love of life
May rub off
At least a little.

The white ones soften
The universe
With doilies and happiness
And peaceful hearts
You want to hold onto them forever.

But not all of the jellybeans are worth eating.

Purple ones look lovely
From afar
But something in their insides
Isn't right
They leave your stomach queasy
Wondering what went wrong,
Why your heart hurts.

The black ones have a taste
That may strike well at first,
But they are strong
Too strong
They bite until your tongue hurts
And you want to spit them out.

Go ahead and spit them out.
The bad ones don't matter.

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