Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Waking up from a long, heavy dream
My head pounding
I pull my eyes up
Just over the seawater line
But my shoulders ache
From the chains
Below the surface.

The air is warm
Touching my hair
Sighing around my ears
In a barely heard whisper.

Should I?
Could I?

I find the first clasp
Cold and heavy
Slip it off my
Far too skinny wrist
And watch the dark of weight
Float silently down
Never to reappear

Another chain follows
Dropping from my left shoulder
Swinging around with a bump
Before it too falls
To the bottom of the sea

I glance around
To see if anyone
Sees me
They do
But they can't stop me
For they are still chained down themselves

Another shove
And both shoulders wrestle free
The biggest weight around my waist
Slips down my hips
My thighs
And with a little clip on my left ankle
Drops away

And now, unfettered
I can swim to shore.