Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Unholy War

War is never holy
Holy is the warmth of held hands
Of a blanket given in cold weather
Of shelter found in a nightmare storm

Hatred isn't holy
Holy is the understanding nod
The freedom found in other points of view
Mercy and forgiveness of both enemy and friend

Fear is never holy
Holy is the sweet embrace
The touch of love bridging across time and space
The moving of one's self beyond one's prejudices

Killing isn't holy
Holy is the body beautiful
The clean, unbruised, un-holed, uncut skin
Of peaceful people

The hate and fear we feel cannot be holy
It is the barrier that separates us from our brothers
From the enemy we refuse to understand
From the friends who would be, if we would only let go of our assumptions

These feelings we call "righteous"
Are the indignations of petty selfishness and envy
The workings of the lowest, meanest thoughts
The thickened wall that separates us from our God


  1. There is nothing to be said because there are NO men of peace who have voice loud enough to be heard over the gunfire and rockets blasting off and the concussions when they land. There are only people who want to destroy the perception that they have enemies, where the enemies they do have they have created partly for their industrial development and partly to continue to subjugate a people the see as inferior. This is simple truth and has been for 80 years in one part of the world or another.

    to them that define holy in this day they use the word profit.

    1. Dude, it's been going on for far more than 80 years. Men love to assume that God (or the gods) are in their favor, just as football teams seem to think they can get God on their side.

      But just as a parent hates it when his kids fight, I assume what spirit is out there cannot be anything but distressed by what we express. Even worse when people spew hatred while pretending to feel only compassion. Makes me sick. And I'm a cheery sort of person, but that doesn't mean I'm blind.