Thursday, November 29, 2012

24 Days of Christmas

I'm trying something new this year.

Yes, I'm adding yet another thing to my list of to-do's... because I obviously don't have enough to keep me busy, after all.

Here is the cabinet when closed.
A few years ago, I bought a little wooden chest of drawers as a holiday decoration. On the outside are some friendly looking snowmen, and when one opens the doors of the little cabinet, one finds 24 numbered drawers inside. Each is small--probably big enough to hold a couple of rolls of Smarties or something similar.

Here are the individual drawers...
That's what I've placed in the drawers over the last few years. Candies, tiny toys, or tiny toys with candy in them. But that's never really worked for me. And since my son doesn't really like candy, that hasn't really worked for him, either. And my daughter even got bored with that last year.

But I have a new plan. While candy is a bit iffy, both of my kids LOVE poetry. My third grader brought home an excerpt from Whittier's Snowbound last week, and I pulled out the bigger poem and read some of it to them. I think I was a little bored--man, but that poem is LONG--but they didn't want me to stop reading.

This year, instead of the stupid candies, I'm going to place a poem or little story into each drawer. Nothing epic, just something about the season. Each drawer has a different painted figure on it, so I've been planning out the ideas I'll deal with in each vignette. I'll post the first few here on the days they happen, but since I'll be out of town this weekend (O you magnificent friend who invited me to spend a few days in Florida! Bless you!) I won't be able to tell you about my kids' reaction to each one. Once I get back in town I'll include how my kids responded, even if they wrinkled their noses and said, "That's it?"

Check back all month for your online Advent Calendar. I hope it helps you count your way down to Christmas, making you a little cheerier (or at least more thoughtful) along the way.


  1. Uhhh There is always time to engage with your kids. Maybe if I follow your posts i won't forget Christmas day when it happens like I do every other holiday. I thought TODAY was Thanksgiving. *shrug* Now i find out it's just like last week--Thursday.

  2. Christmas is one of those holidays I have struggled to love--not because of what it is, but because of what so many people make it out to be. I have to ignore the stories on the news covering all the psycho shoppers, all the people grousing about whether a nativity scene set up in public violates their non-Christian sensibilities, or the friends who are all in a panic because they haven't gotten their third cousin on their mother's side a big enough present.

    This is just my attempt to keep my holiday bright and cheery, and give my kids something fun to do instead of homework and video games.