Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lights at the End

No, I'm not approaching a white tunnel. No near death experiences here.

But, in typical Shakespeare fashion, I've taken on a whole lot of stuff... for months. Two weekends ago, I finally took a Saturday off. I did end up doing dishes that day, but pretty much nothing else, and it was the first day in months that I'd taken off.

I'm up early to finish grading some papers and prep for class, and I already have a full day of meetings, tasks, and other stuff. Last night my day went from 6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and I am kind of tired.

But the light at the end of the tunnel is there. Some of the stuff will just end. Other stuff will end because I say so. I'm sort of a sprinter by nature, so I get all excited about something, do it to the hilt, and then let it go when I'm ready. Now I actually have dates in mind, though, and they help me know that all this rushing around isn't permanent.

So, what's ending? Here's a list, with real dates. I know you don't really care, but makes me happy to see it in real words, to pin all this down.

Novel edit (for writer back near Seattle): DONE (finished Monday, actually)
Preparation for local women's shelter open house culminates: November 11 
Last big project for the year is finished with the Firehouse: November 18
Children's Christmas Musical is finally performed: December 12
English Class ends and I turn in grades: December 13

Don't think I'm ending everything, though. I have two classes starting up in January, but by the time they take off I plan to have other stuff finished, too. I've only listed the definite dates. Next week is already looking completely scary, but I'm not too panicked. After all, it's only a week. Thanksgiving week is looking fantastic--Zumba and choir practice are my only have-to's and they don't really count, now, do they? I might even get back to some of my own WRITING that week. Imagine that! At the very least I'll spend a bit of each day playing Christmas tunes on the piano, painting, etc.

What lights do you see at the end of your tunnel? Any definite dates?


  1. UHHHHHHHHHH Shakes I think you better ask the men in your house whether Thanksgiving counts or not. I could add a bunch of shit to your MUST DO list but then why burst your bubble about the seasons changing from rush to relax. he he he

  2. Oh, Walking Man, you're so silly! I'm vegetarian, so, unlike all those other housewives who have to get up at 6 to put in the turkey, I just get up and relax a bit. Then we go over to a local church and put together plates to deliver to others--my kids are both old enough to do this, too--and then we get home around 11 and I start cooking. Two hours later we're eating.

    True, the hubby isn't much good on that day, especially since there's football on, but it's not much of a fuss. We don't have lots of people over, so I'm planning on one pie for the festivities. The rest of the stuff is no big deal. At least, it's nothing compared to what I have been doing the last two weeks (one more week to go!).

    I finish another project today... and it's a huge one... so by 4 p.m. I should have yet another weight off my shoulders. I can feel myself perking up already!