Sunday, January 1, 2012

Which Way the Wind Blows

The world says now's the time
To plan
But plans
Are limiting
Or far too broad

Write a list of
And you might find
Your resolve falters with the
Coming days and

Resolve only to listen to the
Way the wind blows
The direction
It takes

And follow


  1. That's lovely. Hopefully the wind blows my goals into the direction of my reverse resolutions this year.

  2. Oh what a wonderful poem for new beginnings. The best to you for a great new year.

  3. How 'bout I turn
    to face the blowin' wind
    open my mouth
    let a big gust in,
    turn to the direction
    I want to go
    open up again and
    then let the wind blow
    the way I want to go?

  4. Reverse resolutions... interesting, Suz. Not sure I have a resolution, except for clarity and purpose. Vague stuff, true.

    Thanks, Lou! I hope your year is good to you, as well.

    Is that possible, Walking Man? Are you certain that what you choose would be better? Perhaps the universe has more to offer than even you know.

  5. I love the thought of leaving resolutions more open to see what chances come your way throughout the year!