Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun Friday

My list of things to do is staggering today. Almost as staggering as it was yesterday.

But it's Friday, so once I've done the absolute have-tos, I'm going to have some fun. Every single Friday will be this way: Get the crap checked off the list--the laundry started, the dishes washed, the errands run--and spend the afternoon at the piano, watch a movie, snuggle up to a good book, or paint on my most recent fairy. I'll post pics of her by Tuesday. I'm taking a pic of her this morning, then another when she's finished, so that you can see the difference.

I've noticed over the past year that my blog tends to be either poetry or blogging about writing, and I've been neglecting the other arts in my world as much as I've been neglecting them in my real life. But not any more. Time is passing, and I'm missing out on the play in my life, the fun stuff, the activities that feed my passion to create beautiful things.

But no more. I make no resolution to blog every day. I don't have the time, and I'm far more interested in substance than quantity. However, I plan to blog on lots of different stuff now, including my art, music, sewing, etc. I have a tentative weekly schedule for this, but I'll let you guess what it is (today's should be obvious from the title above). Just know that on any given day you might find something new, and if you don't like it, just check back later.

So, since it's Fun Friday, what fun plans do you have? If you don't have any fun plans, shouldn't you?


  1. Those are great plans for today. Glad I just read your post. It's a little late in my day so I'll just reverse everything you've planned and get some actual errands finished.

  2. Scheduling things you enjoy is at least is important as scheduling "necessities."

    Or so I've been told.

  3. Suz, sounds like you might actually have some priorities straight! Hurray for you for doing things you like first! I put my fun stuff off enough that I ended up not getting anything but a movie in.

    Stephanie, you are too much like me in this. We BOTH need to play a bit more, it seems...

    I will if you will...

  4. Sunday Morning 8:30 am...I read this Friday and thought I would have to report back about Friday seeing as I rare;y plan anything much more than Dr.'s appt's. So Now here I am to report back to you that Friday must have been OK because I don't remember what I did on Friday.