Friday, October 14, 2011

Breaking Out the Old To-Do List

It's time.

Time to stop procrastinating over editing this stupid query letter and get to it.

Time to finish all the prep for Halloween, so that all is ready.

Time to make a list for the weekend, one that I'll stick to:

1. Revise Query Letter 
2. Cut out and make my daughter's costume for Halloween (Almost done)
3. Find gift for a 1-year-old, and attend her party 
4. Practice new Zumba routines
5. Attend church
6. Finish cleaning house and sweep and vacuum 
7. Draft children's story about crayon.
8. Draft death by chocolate story.
9. Sketch scene for cover art (to be painted next week).
10. Write and revise one-page synopsis for agent queries.

That's it. I think it's the shortest list I've ever had for a weekend. Not daunting at all. Highly manageable. I've made the list, and now I have to hold myself to it.

Now to get to it. First thing tomorrow. I don't do evenings.

Put it off 
Until your head has rested
Only after dreams 
Have sifted through your 
Sleeping mind

Only then will 
All the world
To meet your 


  1. Oops. Forgot four things. Darn! Why is my list always so long?

    7. Draft children's story about crayon.
    8. Draft death by chocolate story.
    9. Sketch scene for cover art (to be painted next week).
    10. Write and revise one-page synopsis for agent queries.

  2. My list is not only long but repetitive... Love the poem...


  3. Hey Shakespeare... you asked for it. Ha! A list...

    There are of course the mundane items, but I'll just list the creative ones here...


    1. Finish writing Max's second book, My Tenth Life
    2. Finish writing my book, Before You Write
    3. Finish writing the book, Social Media Marketing for writers and artists.
    4. Finish writing the ebook of Max's mystery novel.
    5. Work on and finish the outline for NANOWRIMO
    6. Continue to write posts for 4 blogs daily and posting to BAN and FBN... two of my news blogs.

    Visual Arts

    1. Finish the watercolor of the city scene
    2. Finish the watercolor of the bird
    3. Do the ink process on the painting of the shed
    4. Do the watercolor wash of the shed.
    5. Transfer the drawing of sea grapes to watercolor paper.
    6. Work on the pen and ink drawings for my ETSY shop.
    7. Load the pen and ink cards onto my ETSY shop


    1. Finish the violet quilt
    2. Finish the gazebo art quilt
    3. Finish the moon art quilt
    4. Finish the quilting of the batik quilt
    5. Cut out and make Max's quilt for Bugsy
    6. Cut out and make Max's quilt for Knuckles
    7. Sort stash.

    There are lists to come for jewelry and clay for my etsy shop, but I think the above is enough to give you an idea of how crazy I am... Hee Hee... I'm off to take a nap...*big yawn*

    Have a great day.


  4. What? No baking sugar/carbohydrate free cookies for the walking man? I already took your nap for you so you have some extra time there Shakes.

  5. Uhhh Lou...A component of sanity is not overwhelming yourself with lists. {;-)}

  6. Walking Man, you assume we're fighting to remain sane.

    I've decided to give up. Far more fun to go completely crazy. Besides, once people realize I'm crazy, I can get away with a lot.

    Lou, your list is a hell of a lot longer than mine. I made good headway on mine today, too, even with a few unforeseen things popping up. I'm totally done with numbers 1,3,6, and 10, and I've made headway on #2 as well (cutting out the dress is always the hardest part).

    I'm not adding anything now, though. I'll just see what I can do with tomorrow. And thanks for the nap, Walking Man. I needed it today!

  7. This is kind of cool! I just edited the thing so that I could mark off what I'd accomplished...

    I only hope I've at least BEGUN all the projects by the end of today.

  8. My list is far too long!! Arghh, but the poem was soothing.

  9. I'm just home from church, so I wouldn't have that on my list. I'm not sure how creative you can be using a list, unless it's a bit unspecific. Good luck to you.

  10. Carole, I totally understand. Naturally, I didn't get everything done. When do I ever get everything done? Darn!

    Yes, Writer Lady, I need to cross that one off, too. But I haven't finished my daughter's dress, either. I still have the ruffles at the bottom.

  11. I saw your comment on Lisa Gail Green's blog, and had to stop by. Your fun facts were just that..."fun." Thanks for entering our contest!