Saturday, September 10, 2011


Smile today
Know the world is falling apart
In the way it always has
And always will
But today
You don't have to fall apart

Be the sunshine
The soft voice
The hope
Reach out
And help the world
Breathe with ease
And see the rays of light
Once all the dust has settled
Around us.


  1. Definitely brings me right back to ten years ago right around this time when it really felt like the world as never going to be right again. Now, ten years later, it still hurts, but...well I think your second stanza says it. Beautiful.

  2. Shakespeare, thank you for focusing on the positive. Our response to 9/11 can be one of shock and horror, or we can pick ourselves up and move forward. I have watched some of the documentaries, but I had to stop. Too much sadness and despair was displayed, and this is not what I choose to focus on. I would much rather reach out to others than recoil inward. Staying in the dark means evil wins. I'll join you in the sunshine any day!

  3. I absolutely love the "And see the rays of light
    Remaining" part. This was beautiful!