Saturday, September 24, 2011

Opportunities Knock All the Time

Whoever said "Opportunity knocks but once" was a fatalist. Since I am definitely not a fatalist, but one of the most determined optimists on the face of the planet, I beg to differ. No, that's wrong. I insist on differing, for everything I've experienced tells me plainly that missed opportunities are often not so desirable.

One of my friends described why it was so easy for her to call people for things and take "No" over and over. She said, "Don't let the no's bother you. They just mean you haven't found the right person yet."

My experience tells me the opportunities abound everywhere, if only I open my eyes. So I can't teach at the college where my husband works... the only college within an hour from here. What about online teaching? What about substituting at the local high school (I've done it before, and I actually LOVED it)? What about teaching Zumba? Editing manuscripts? Freelance writing? Working hard on my novels so that I can get one/many of them published over the next few years?

So some of my friends disappear from my life. The best ones stick, still e-mailing, sending cards, and calling me from Washington, Kansas, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. And other fantastic people are always showing up to keep me company, to become real friends of the real me in the real world. And even if I someday move (though at this point it's the last thing I want), I'm taking a bunch of these friendships with me forever.

My advice: If you feel trapped, and if the door opens up to nothing, walk out of that doorway and go find your opportunities. You never know where you might find them.

Okay, enough bossing (I do it to my kids, too). Instead, I'm off to explore the opportunities out there! Hope you find some too!


  1. Excellent post! I have always found that the more open I am, the happier my general outlook, the more good stuff seems to fall in my lap. If you'd told me 15 years ago that I'd be a stay-at-home mom who watches kids and self-published a book, I'd think, "Really? That's what you're doing?" But I COULD NOT be happier. I wake up everyday excited for all that's happening in my life. Good for you!! Love your post!

  2. The only way i will ever be trapped is if I step in a leg hold trap (should be illegal) but even then trust me I will chew my leg off before I stay stuck in that mess. You got it going on now Shakes!