Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stop Writing

Are the words weighing you down?
Hemming you in?
Sucking the life out of
Every yellow toenail?
Keeping you from breakfast?

Forget the obligations
Dismiss the blogging schedule
Stop forcing out the stress
When it threatens
To choke the life out of you

Don't worry.

We're still listening.
We'll be here when you come back
Holding out our arms
Happy you write
Out of love
Not duty.

Go out
Like a young adult on
Your first adventure
To find yourself
To see the world with tearful eyes
Explore the caverns
Climb trees
Wade into the ocean

And return
Arms laden with treasure
To share
Forget about us for a while
We will wait
We will see you


  1. Damn it Shakes I wasn't hungry until you mentioned breakfast!

    Some will wait, some won't some will know the writer is gone pursuing other things others won't.

    *shrug* As long as there is production when I feel like producing then it's all a big whatever.

    But then every writer has a different goal don't they?

    I should have just copied and pasted my other answer. ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Beautifully said and so incredibly timely! Okay, ma'am, I'm off to take a walk and relax...funny how just before I clicked on your blog, I thought, "Man, my head aches! Should I get off?" Hahaha! Thanks for the answer!

  3. Walking Man, I do notice when a good blogger friend of mine hasn't posted lately... but it only worries me if their last post was a sort of "life doesn't matter" post, making me wonder whether they've left the earth completely. I know that blogging--if I make it a daily chore or several-times-a-week requirement, instead of letting it serve ME instead--takes over many of my other pursuits, including my novel and playwriting. That's rather like obsessively writing in one's diary every day INSTEAD of living. Not the best plan, if you ask me.

    Good, Elizabeth! I half wrote it to myself, as well!

    I appreciate that, Jeff. I hope all is going well with you.