Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time Off

I'll miss all of you over the next few weeks, but I'm off tomorrow on a cruise with the hubby, and we will likely be out of touch with everything while we're gone. I'll check in when I get back, just in time for final run-throughs of the musical to go on, and then performance. (Whew, I am busy!)

I'm still taking my laptop with me, though. Got to keep writing! I'm in the midst of a play, and I hope to finish the rough while I'm gone, since a few other ideas are niggling at me, as well.

Hope the next two weeks are productive for you all (or restful!), and I'll see you when I get back.


  1. Here's hoping you have a wonderful time on your cruise! (And don't spend ALL your time writing.) :)

  2. Have a productive and enjoyable holiday...


  3. Have fun, and stay safe… best of luck with your writing.

  4. Have a wonderful time and you'll come back refreshed.

  5. Enjoy yourself. Nice blog. Please do visit my blog and leave your footprints behind by posting comments:-