Thursday, April 7, 2011


I sit down to type
But the voices are calling
Not in my head,
Not to push me to write
But to pull me away

I take out my sewing
But squealing and laughter
Are calling me
Not to mend seams
But to swim in the dappled sun

I try hard to work
But the little ones, calling
For help with a craft
Or to snuggle or hug
Or share in a laugh,
Make it hard to sit still
And attend
So I put down the chore
And answer the calling.


  1. Do you know A A Milne's poem called The Old Sailor? I smiled when I read the above and thought of that Milne poem. I often feel like that sailor. :0)

  2. Your kids are only young once. Enjoy.

  3. You'd have made a fools error had you not opened the door to that calling voice Shakes.

  4. Carole, I went and read the poem... what a joy! There are moments when it is best to do nothing but fluff. Spring break is one of them.

    Other voices will be calling soon, when the kids go back to school. Thanks for the encouragement to spend what time with them I have.