Saturday, December 11, 2010


Tears of sadness
For friends I'll miss
Friends I'll never see again

Tears of regret
The souls I've missed
By passing through
Too quickly

Tears of pain
From the dismissal
From those who averted their eyes
Too self-centered to look at me for a moment

Tears of hope
Of adventure coming
Meeting it will all my energies
To make the next step greater than the last

Tears of promise
To use the everything I have
To become more
To make the world greater

Tears of joy
At new life
New possibilities
A fresh start
A new me


  1. This saddens me, and yet gives me hope at the time... great work.

  2. People do come and go through our lives, and in the wake of their passing, what they leave behind can be long lasting. The depth of a shared moment, an exchange of an idea, or a sentiment expressed adds to our character and develops us beyond what we may not have thought possible. Shakespeare, I thank you. Here's to the next chapter in your life. Salud!

  3. The semester is finally over and you weep? Tears of joy more so than any other kind is my bet!

  4. Jeff--that's kind of what I'm going through. I'm happy to leave, to find the new life we're moving to, but there's still a loss.

    NeeNee--I'm glad you were one of the people I met here, and I hope I've learned a lot from those I met over the last few years.

    Walking Man--There is ALWAYS joy, if only because a huge weight of responsibility is done. Since I won't be teaching for a while, though (with the move), it is a little bittersweet. In fact, it's pretty much ALWAYS bittersweet. I love the change, but still know I'll never see most of my students again. And that's weird. Not horrible, but weird nonetheless.

  5. nothing like a good cry (lots of tears) for what will be and what's left behind. love the ending to this poem because it allows for hope, a fresh start. good luck. have a great day.