Friday, August 20, 2010

Settling In

I am FINALLY writing my first novel. I could say "editing," since this will be version, oh, 18 or so of it. However, I've figured out that the way the first one (of a series) was configured did too much too fast, and Thomas (the main character) has to grow far too fast for one book, so I've reorganized and replanned 5 or 6 novels, changing the first one's major event and moving it to the next to last novel in the series.

Now I am essentially revising pieces of the original, and cutting out all the other stuff and saving it on another file I've actually called "Thomas Novel Pieces." These may or may not end up in future novels, but they won't end up in the first one. I will soon run out of stuff to keep in this novel, and the parts I have to write from scratch will get bigger and bigger. I'm excited, though. I get to use much of the NW geography with these novels, including everything from Cape Flattery, which I posted about here, Mt. Rainier, and even the San Andreas Fault.

The whole series will combine my love for the paranormal with the natural world... and at least I will find it exciting.

While I'm writing, though, I'll continue to post poetry... it's the best I can do while I'm busily working on another project.


  1. Cool. It's always nice to have a game plan.

  2. It sounds like things are going well for you. (smiles)

  3. Congrats... and I hope it works out for you.

    If you ever need someone to read your work and give some feed back, you have my E-mail.

    best of luck.

  4. That's great! It's always a relief to see your way forward again. :)

  5. Congrats on this. My current novel sort of mixes that paranormal/natural world stuff, too. Isn't it quite a journey?

  6. Shakes...For some reason that poetry line just...aww never mind. Hope the novelizing goes well.

  7. Stephanie, I try to have a plan, but usually have to adapt to other duties.

    Thanks, Sharon! I feel like something is finally happening, anyway.

    Jeff, I may very well be calling you up on that offer, at least once I get the first new draft done, just to get a good male perspective.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Michelle!

    Barbara, I'm glad to see someone else making that connection. And I have enjoyed the journey of writing this novel, in each draft and incarnation.

    Walking Man, it isn't that I don't value poetry... but it's MY poetry that I don't exactly value. I'm a "developing" poet... my voice is getting stronger, but I do not consider myself in the same league as some other poets I know (hint, hint).

  8. It sounds like a mammoth undertaking! But so great to be at such an advanced stage. The end it in sight. :)

  9. Those clipped out pieces always find their way into something...I just love them too much to totally discard them.