Friday, August 6, 2010

Missing You

Tohru Honda smiles from the TV screen
And I think of you
Grinning at the pages of manga with me
Sharing stories and dreams and fantasies

The nights we spent thinking up stupid nursery rhyme versions
Of Fuzzy Wuzzy and Jack be Nimble
I remember them all
Giggling in bed well past bedtime

We don't agree on anything
But never disagree
For our souls connect at the bellybutton
And they always will

No matter the distance
No matter the time between phone calls
No matter the restraints our lives place upon us
The trials, the pain, the sweat, the sadness

I know you are always near
That I can reach you
That you always make sure
I am never alone

Thank you


  1. We are living proof that people can lead completely different lives, have different priorities and needs, have different drives, have opposite personalities and still get along.

    We are living proof that being family doesn't mean you love each other, but doesn't preclude it either.

    We can love the same things for different reasons, love different things for the same reasons, do the same thing in completely different ways and respect both the similarities and differences.

    We can love and respect each other unreservedly because we love and respect the actual person the other is, not what we think they ought to be. We're each content enough in ourselves not to want to fashion copies.

    Thank you, Sunshine. I love you.

  2. I keep hoping that my boys will feel this way someday. I'm so not holding my breath.

  3. Thx for sharing this...I wish I had your skills.

  4. Thanks, flit!

    Stephanie, there's a reason you and I were made sisters... I think there are probably hundreds of reasons. I only thought of a few.

    Don't hold your breath, the Mother, but don't be surprised, either. A little respect and a little freedom go a long way. If they learn unconditional love, they also learn to give it.

    Jeff, of course you don't have MY skills. You have YOUR skills! If you had my skills, I'd be without them, and that wouldn't do at all.

  5. i love this. no matter how much time passes between two people they can pick up as though there lives were never interrupted. hope all is well.

    thanks for your comments on my blog. it's greatly appreciated.