Saturday, September 19, 2020

Color Blind

Just let me tell you what it means
To be color blind.
It doesn't mean you're blind

--You fool--

That you don't notice browner skin
The silken black of Indian hair
Or that you negate any conscious thought 
That someone different from you
Might just have to deal with shit
You don't.

--That is merely blind, you fool--

It means you notice all that is unique
The utter differences
The nappy hair, the cheekbones
Even how a person's speech
And fears, experiences, culture 
Are not like yours.

--In other words, you fool--

You choose--you truly choose
To love them as yourself
To see the value in the different
To know with all your heart
They have as much a right 
To life
To love
To peace
To happiness

As you.

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