Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why am I Playing this Retarded Game?

The job awaits
Two more ghost writes
Before I am finished

But I am putt-putt golfing, creating rainbows
For no apparent reason.

My novels whisper to me
Yanking at my hair
Even as I sleep

Yet I insist on tossing colored balls
Around this stupid screen.

My painting--still unfinished--
Lies winking at me
Dried long since

While I make ice cream sundaes
For impatient customers.

Tell me that you do not understand.
Call me retarded, and you'll be more than right.
Urge me to put the time wasters down
To turn the television off
And return to the life I know is mine.

Perhaps I'll listen to you
For once
As soon as I can finish this Sudoku...


  1. Spend your time as you will Shakes but I will within a month have my fourth book off to the printer, the editing has been sweet torture, the re-writes blissful pain and the new verse written just for this one seemed to just flow.

    Wanna send some of that ghost work my way? That would be one way for it to be at least half done.

  2. I'm almost done with the ghost stuff... a couple weeks maximum. Then I'll work on my own stuff for the rest of the summer.

    Thanks for the offer, though. And thanks for chiming in!

  3. Just actually trying to give you a wee shove buddy.