Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Best Laid Plans... or... I HATE WAITING

I tend to be VERY easy going. It's the Piscean in me, willing to flow along with what everyone is doing, as long as it's not attending a live football game with a bunch of rabid football fans. Okay, so I've been to my share of live football games with rabid fans, too.

I do, however, make plans, and even with my easygoing nature, a falter in plans often makes me irritated. I had planned a trip to a museum in Tallahassee for weeks--and it was to happen today. My kids were out of school, I wasn't teaching a zumba class anywhere, and the Titanic exhibit was still there. We'd have breakfast, take off for the museum district, and have a grand time.

Only it didn't work out. First, my poor kitty has a swelled lip--I'm not sure the cause, nor is the vet, but he's given us antibiotics to treat it, and now kitty should be fine. But it also means I spent the morning at the vet. I also had to call animal control, for when I looked up in the attic for the cat carrier, I instead found a glowing pair of eyes waiting for me. That took up the rest of the morning... and we still haven't found what was up there.

My poor kitty has been battling fleas, too--so I called my bug service. The only time they can come in and do a flea treatment? Today, in the early afternoon. I still held out hope, though. If they came right at one, we could leave shortly afterwards... and we'd still have a good 2 1/2 hours to explore the museum before it closed.

Only the pest control still hasn't come.

So now I wait, NOT going to this museum, NOT getting anything done that I actually WISH to do. (Okay, so I do like blogging... but it's not the same thing, not today). My kids are trying to make the best of it, but they are also disappointed. And not I'm in the last minute of the hour range the pest control person is supposed to arrive... but no one has come. I'll have to call again and see why they aren't here. And if they can't come, the hubby will have to spend another night picking the cat's fleas off his own ankles.

The next time I can go will be winter break--but Titanic will be long gone. I am utterly devastated thinking about it.

What should I do now? What do you do when your plans are thwarted?


  1. I sulk, and you sure have the right to sulk, too. What a bummer of a day you had. I'm sorry you missed the Titanic exhibit.

  2. Hey, maybe you can make/draw/collage/etc something that represents Titanic to you. The kids could join in on that if they were into it.
    I'm sure you will find a creative way out of a miserable day.

  3. Exhibit Dates Now Extended Through Jan. 8th!


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  4. Oh to answer your question I research and see what my alternatives are. But then i rarely plan anything and just let it all happen and deal with it as it comes up.

  5. I'm not very nice when my plans are thwarted. I try to plunge ahead and if I'm stopped I can get nasty. I hope you all can go on Friday.

  6. I'm getting used to it.

    Not a method I recommend.

  7. Thanks for the idea, Barbara! It ended up okay... and my whine ended almost as soon as it began.

    Thanks so much, Walking Man... I'm already planning on taking the kids in December, once they are out of school, before we head off to the grandparents' for Christmas. And thanks for not taking away any reason I might have to wallow. I don't lean towards wallowing, but sometimes I get a bit whiny.

    Friday was an option, Writer Lady, but I opted for December, if only so that I could work hard on my NaNo Novel.

    Understood, Stephanie. Most of my disappointments are small, but it's especially hard when the big hopes of one's life lead to disappointments.

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