Sunday, February 3, 2013

This Fall Apart

Achebe was right
The earth spins on
And on
In relatively perfect control

But we all spin out of it

We think its just a pirouette
Our own perfect dance
And if everyone else would only spin
The very same way

It will all go well
The perfect

But we all spin
Every which way
Refusing to bend
Adjust a foot
Trip a little more slowly
Or let someone else in line

So people spin away from us

Serves them right
We think
They should not have spun like that
They should adapt
To the best spin possible

We grin our knowing smiles
Go figure
Shows they lacked the talent
Or determination
Or understanding
Lacked the dance ability

It feels good
To be better
To dance the right way
While all around us spin off

No need to bend
Or touch
Or stay
Or wait for them

Better just to spin

1 comment:

  1. I'd rather be the earth upon the planet while others dance or spin away or to the ground that is my thought. Shakes no matter we are fertile soil with a plethora of seed waiting to burst forth. Be Well Kiddo.