Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tell Me What to Do

Go ahead, boss me around
I know you're in charge here
That you have all the expertise
To know what's best for me
For us
For my son
For everybody
I know I don't have a choice
I accept that

But don't tell me I have to like it
Don't tell me to smile
Don't insist I be your friend
Or thank you
Or caress fondly
Or laugh about
The still raw sting on my cheek

Some day I will
Remember this with
You say

Some day I will
No longer feel the pain
From the cracked, leaking hole in my chest
And forgive you
I say

But not now


  1. Sounds like someone actually needs a bit more than a piece of writing to get their behavior corrected, you know it is alright to beat the shit out of someone who is assaulting you, don't want to kill 'em? Let them hit you again then a baseball bat across the kneecap.

    Shakes you know as well as i do a bully once started never stops until they find out you're a bigger gorilla in the jungle than they are.

  2. That's sad. I hope someone else is giving you a hug and some encouragement.

  3. Walking Man, that would work if I weren't a non-violent vegetarian pacifist. But I don't intend to approach them in writing--or on the phone. This conversation must be face-to-face. This person needs to hear me, and hear me good.

    Donna, thanks for the sympathy.

    I wish they were, Marilynne. No hugs for me right now, but my skin's pretty much on fire, so I don't think a hug would do it. Hopefully I'll at least be able to express my feelings soon, and not just here.

  4. Wow. this is amazing. Sad.

    Wonderful writing.