Thursday, April 19, 2012


I never called you enough
For me
Never found enough time
For all the words I needed to give you
Or glean from you
Little treasures
To tuck into my pockets
And cherish later, when I was alone.

You gave me the glimpse of angels
Of God himself
Yet I have not filled myself enough with you
To cast away all doubt
To believe
To know
With all my heart
What you know all too well.

Yet we are out of time
I am out of chances
To share my little self with you.
And though I do not doubt
The place your sweetness leads you to
The joy I feel for your sake
Is not enough to heal my heart
Torn open by the loss of you.

Time falls too fast
And you must leave the world behind
The same beautiful way you lived your life
And I must wait
Until I venture to the timeless lands myself
And you smile, and wave,
And sit down next to me.

Only then will I have enough
Of you.

God bless you on your journey, dearest Joyce.

1 comment:

  1. Shakes for your loss of kith and kinship I will mourn for a time with you. Until you realize that the time you had with your friend was exactly the right amount of presence in your life before she went to sleep in the house of her ancestors.

    As long as you have memory of her being you will be learning the things you were shown by her, sorrow for awhile then smile because you are rich in knowledge of this one person who had impacted you enough to eulogize her presence.

    find peace and comfort,