Thursday, July 28, 2011

Writing Soul

Tell me it's all in the rules
That my characters lack
Fine detail
Bodies to drool over
Gripping dialogue
That the climax
Doesn't have the violence needed
To reach
A modern world
To resonate with
The avid reader
Devourer of books

Ask me why
When all the world's genres lay before me
I choose one that holds
So little promise
With hard walls around it
Hard rules
Or why I break the rules
Or turn them on their heads
Tell me the rule breaking
Pisses you off

Tell me I bore you
Tell me nothing works
I'll agree
But I didn't write it for you
I wrote it for the single set of eyes
Who needs the book
Who'll see my soul inside it
And know me better
And know themselves better

The way that I know my own soul
Within it
Because I have it written.


  1. It is "the rules" that stop anyone from ever seeing a book. Rules are the straps on the crucifix within the execution chamber.

    There is only one rule...your soul is your pen, your heart your paper.

  2. I've been giving it a lot of thought lately, Walking Man. I've been stuck for a while, not because outside readers have been critical, but because the nasty voices in my head have been too demanding. That's the main reason I've been posting on my other blog, to give them a place to land so that I can move on.

    I feel as if I am still finding my voice, still tapping into the soul I've been only reaching through indirect means. I get it in glimpses, snatches of meaning that fill me for days sometimes. If I could hold onto that, feel the surge directing me on the path, I could accomplish almost anything.