Sunday, July 17, 2011


The wind is pulling at me
When I listen
When I stop to feel

But I spend most moments
Striving against it
Leaning in to it
Stubborn to push my will
Against its

The headaches come
A mace to my brain
But I ignore them and
Push on

The tension
Hardens my shoulders
And pinches at my back
But I set my chin
And push until I cannot push more

Only then
When I am out of my own steam
When I have been overcome
And think it is all over
Do I lie in the sand
Quiet enough to listen
To the tiniest of voices
Still enough to feel
The softest of breezes

Only then do I realize
I was resisting the flow
Of the world
Of my life
Of the divine
And missing the path
Of my own destiny.


  1. Now you are starting to understand some of what I feel deeply. Makes no sense to resist the elements for I am but a spec yet at the same time in giving over to them and go where they take me, i have conquered that which I once resisted. That, this piece, as I understand it to be is the birthing of silence within an always go go go mind.

  2. Ahhh... I really liked this one.

  3. It's this silence I have longed for, Walking Man. I tend to get so goal-oriented that I lose sight of what something means, as if traveling in the wrong direction because I'm too busy fretting to listen, to feel the direction I should be going.

    Thanks, Jeff. I hope the silence speaks to you, as well.