Monday, January 10, 2011

Made by Hand

Ever notice how a gift made with love and one's own hands means more than one purchased in a store? (Don't even get me started on gift cards.)

For instance, my children's great grandmother sent a bunch of knitted baby afghans for them when they were little, and while pretty much all of the other baby stuff has now been donated, I still have these blankets, and I will likely give them to my kids when they have children of their own. I save cards with handwritten notes in them, even if the notes aren't that brilliant, because the writing is in my friend's or sister's or hubby's hand.

Elementary school teachers understand this, too, and the hand-crafted macaroni gifts my kids bring home are treasured even after they start to lose their macaroni. I know the brushstrokes on that painting are my kids' brushstrokes, and that alone makes the gift worth keeping.

With that in mind, and inspired by my fellow blogger Crafty Green Poet, I'm offering the first five commenters on this blog something handmade by me. Yes, I am currently stuck in a hotel, but once I am safely tucked away in my own home, I'll get to crafting for you, my select five readers/commenters. All I ask is that you offer the same on your own blog--or at least make something of your own for five people, even if you don't have a blog--and that you give the handmade gifts out before the end of the year.

You can't be sure what you will get. Will it be a bright, framed watercolor of a fairy? A dried flower painting? A recording of me on the piano? A pastel drawing of orbs in space? A poem written just for you in calligraphy? Fresh-baked banana bread or chocolate chip cookies? Feel free to name some preferences, and, even better, tell me what you plan to make by hand.

And if you turn out to be a late commenter, just make your post count, and I might still send you something!


  1. As I'm your sister, I'm not sure I'm not disqualified in general. And I'm not sure how I feel about adding another commitment to my plate.

    I do love hand-crafted gifts and have given out more than my share: crocheted afghans, crewel work, jewelry. (I'm not as artistically talented as you are so my choices are more limited). I'll probably do so again as well.

    I'm an advocate for the concept and will undoubtedly do more hand-crafted work as time goes by, but I don't know exactly when.

  2. Sorry but I don't craft anything since they took my oxy/acetylene torches away. The boss won't let me bake or cook, fraid I'd mess up the order of her kitchen. All my tools I've given away and sadly what's left is simply what I have to say.

    Nice concept and a good venture if you are crafty enough to pull it off.

    Don't knock your sister out of the prized package.

  3. Stephanie and Walking Man: Of COURSE I won't count out my own sister! In fact, since you are the only two responders, I'm going to send you both something... with or without your sending anybody else something handmade.

    Right now, though, I'm going to work on my novel. Have you seen the bar on the right moving? Much progress lately.

  4. I couldn't agree with you more and I was discussing this exact topic with a good friend before Christmas. I was unexpectedly given a small piece of crochet work by someone I hardly knew and I was inspired to take out my old hooks and start again, especially as I was stumped for ideas for a baby-who-has-everything. Hand crafted gifts give enormous pleasure to both giver and receiver.

    This isn't a comment to qualify for your generous offer. I live far too far away for that. :)

  5. AHHH… I am a late commenter (how do I make my comment count?)

    I find gifs made by someone mean a lot more, it shows them you really care. Getting something personal like that is something the recipient can cherish for life.

    My time is limited, and I can’t commit to doing this… but if I do, I would want to read your book—that would be a great gift.