Wednesday, July 7, 2010

From Book to Video

Wow, did I ever get some fantastic news! My little book has moved into video!

Some resourceful guys (plus a girl and a dog) have made actual videos of a few of the places I wrote about in my book Ghosts of Southeast Kansas. The main producer seems to be Alexm141, and in both of the videos I found, the intrepid investigators risk life and limb to venture into restricted and/or dangerous territory to find signs of what the stories in my book discuss. Here's one of the videos:

My photographer friend Cherilyn, who also took the fantastic photo for the book's front cover, found this video on YouTube and its counterpart. Thanks Cherilyn, and thanks to Alexm141, too, for the publicity. My book is shown at the beginning of each video, and I could not be more pleased! They even rescue a turtle off the highway in the video about Lover's Leap. So brave!

Who knew others besides myself would find the history and hauntings of such a rural area so compelling? I'm kind of sad I don't live in Kansas anymore, after seeing the two videos. I really adored researching that book, meeting all the eyewitnesses, investigating all over the countryside...

I'm so glad I found this! I hope Alexm141 produces some more videos just like it, too.


  1. Cool Beans!

    Adoring fans! Video tributes!

    I'm so proud to be your sister.

  2. Awesome... Congats, where can i get the book?

  3. Way to go Shakes. I liked doing the research on ghost sighting accounts too for one on my works. Man there are a lot of them out there.

  4. Thanks, Stephanie! I'm proud to be your sis, too! The news really did make my weekend.

    Jeff, the title of the book above is linked to Amazon, where you can get the book. The name of the videographer is linked directly to his youtube videos.

    Walking Man, it is SO nice to hear from you! I found the research a ton of fun. Instant suspense, instant mystery... really amazing.