Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grading Does NOT Equal Writing

I am SO sorry I haven't posted in more than a week. Many of you have probably noticed my absence on your own blogs, as well.

Unfortunately, my blog is several items down on my priority list:

1. Getting my kids to/from school (with clothes on, showered, fed, etc.)
2. Grading papers
3. Preparing for class (writing out assignments, rereading, writing quizzes/tests, online discussion)
4. Eating regularly
5. Sleep
6. Cleaning the house to the non-pit level
7. Exercising
8. Writing

Lately, #2 and #3 have taken most of my time. In fact, I've jumped you up momentarily, but in just a few moments I need to finish grading--four more papers to go before classes this morning--so even this entry has to be short. It typically try to return papers the very next day, but always within the week, even if I have several batches of them.

Even worse, writing on this blog is not my first writing priority. I have a staged reading coming up a week from Sunday, and my full-length play needs a few rewrites, which I'm sure the director wants yesterday. I hope to get to these tonight, since this will be the first day in quite some time I do not have 3+ hours of grading to do.

Sorry if I sound like I'm complaining, readers. In reality, I only write this now to explain why--and to let you know (in case you were wondering) that I had not died.

I have not died.

I will be back in full force, I promise, when classes end in June. Until then, I will post as much as I am able, and I will check your blogs with every spare moment I have.

Too bad I don't have more spare moments.


  1. Awesome teacher,

    It's alright if you have to wait a while to talk to us. That makes each and every post you make that much more special. Especially for those of us who enjoyed your class as much as I did.

    Work hard, but take breaks from time to time. If you got sick I'm sure your students would be saddened to know they weren't able to have class.

    Get free time soon =)
    The Wandering Poet

  2. Hope it works out for you... and i have missed your insight, but i do understand life does get busy.

    I hope life brings you joy.

  3. Who in hell said you could have a life beyond blogging?!? No damn it get back here right now and forget about all that family and work and play writing crap!

    ha ha ha ha just do what you got to do Shakes. We all have a life beyond the key board and I for one would be more reluctant to apologize for neglecting blogging than you. This really is the littlest part of my day not the biggest.

  4. Priorities are priorities, just take time out for yourself, too. If that means making a quick blog post, do so. If that means putting it off, do that instead.

  5. Yes, I've missed you, but you've had good excuses.

    Happy Shakespeare's birthday to you. Or death. Nobody seems to know which is which.

    You probably do. :)

    I'll just wish you a happy St. George's Day and let it go at that.

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