Thursday, April 8, 2010

Caught Up

I do love you all, but right now I am up to my eyeballs in work. I knew it would happen.

I have a play to finish THIS WEEKEND.

I have grading to catch up on.

My house is a pit.

I have two dresses cut out--one for me, one for my daughter--that need to be sewn.

I need to keep exercising (sorry, health comes first!).

I have a cold to get over.

As you can see, beloved friends, I'm swamped. I will post again when I have more than a spare minute to drop you a note.


  1. Working hard as usual I see. Health does come first, don't want my favorite teacher bed ridden. I hope you get well soon.

    Don't push yourself too hard and make sure to drink fluids. Also, be sure to laugh and smile when you get the chance, it's one of the healthiest things you can do.

  2. I have a four month old puppy you can have.

  3. I'm so glad you had a speck of time in which to visit my blog.

  4. Hope it gets better... i'll be here when you post again.


  5. I can relate Dr. C! I have this English class I have to burden my poor over-worked instructor in by giving her yet another blob of text to sift through, amongst all the other things I seem to be putting off for no good reason. Being in the boat, I wish you good luck getting a free minute or two to enjoy your weekend beyond all the swampy goodness.

  6. Y'all are so funny!

    Wandering Poet, I'm keeping myself well watered.

    Walking Man, my kids would love the puppy--love it--but my husband would kill me (if I did not kill myself).

    Writer Lady--I'm glad I did. I will try to keep up with others' blogs, even when I don't with my own.

    Thanks for the good wishes, Jeff. I know you'll check in.

    "The" Nate--congrats on the blog. I'll try to check you out a.s.a.p. (Cute avatar, by the way--he's my favorite Muppet.)

  7. There is always, always too much to do. Remember to breathe and smile and hide away if you have to - with a note on the door - 'Enter at own risk, writer at work!'

  8. Good luck with it all. I practically had to take a week off from blogging. What is with this crunch period ?

  9. Thank you, Michelle and Aury. I have set aside time, and now all but one dress have been completed. Hurray!

    Now to get that dress done!

    Aury, the crunch is killing me. I have a set of papers coming in Tuesday, and another set coming in Thursday! I hope all works as it should, and I get them done!