Sunday, December 6, 2009

One Letter to Santa

I've been writhing still under too many papers and too much end-of-the-semester stress, and I have nothing truly brilliant to offer today, either. (But when do I have anything truly brilliant? I Hope that's not what you visit for!) My daughter wrote her letter to Santa, though, despite my insistence that Santa is "a very nice story," so here it is:

Dear Santa Claus:

       Hi! How are you doing? How are your reindeer doing? Is Rudolph okay? I hope you have a great Christmas. Are your elves working really hard? I’m glad your elves are making gifts for girls and boys that are good. You are so jolly.

       Were we good this year? I’m making this note to you. What do you like about Christmas? I like putting up our Christmas tree and getting Christmas ready in our house. I like talking to Grandpa on the computer when we are opening our presents. I like the snow because I get to throw snowballs and I like to make snow angels with my family. I like decorating the tree, too.

       This Christmas I would like some puzzles (with 30 pieces in them), a panda pillow pet, a sewing kit, a toy frog, and a big coloring book. What I really want is Operation SpongeBob and other games on the Wii, board games, a Nintendo DS, and a mini-laptop that Brandon and I are going to share. I’d also like a Fashion Holiday Barbie Doll, a painting and coloring kit, a Non-stop Glamour Barbie Minivan, and a Rudolf toy with a glowing nose.

        Have a happy Christmas, Santa Claus. Take a big, long nap, and I hope your reindeer have a fun time, too.

I think she might have made the whole letter small talk and never gotten around to the gifts if I hadn't reminded her why she was writing. I'll post my son's when he's done with his if it ends up even remotely interesting.


  1. I've never had a child write anything to Santa. Perhaps, since he knew if they were sleeping and knew if they were awake, they expected him to figure it all out.

  2. my kids wrote to santa evey year, but not like this i am afraid...

    i can tell she takes after her mother...

  3. Oh the thoughts of venison stew that I am having right now are terrible.

  4. I can't say, Stephanie, that I ever encouraged them in this. I have made it plain who Santa is, but they really like the game of it, the pretend, so I let them be. I don't write Santa on every present, or anything. I even asked Crystal last year, "You know it's a fable, right?" and she said, "Yeah, but it's fun to pretend." Works for me.

    Thanks for the compliment, Jeff. I'll pass it along to the little writer. She's actually even more of an artist. I need to get her painting. It's just a lot more prep than drawing, so I don't do that enough.

    I once loved venison, Walking Man, but I've been vegetarian more than a decade, so I can't say I remember it all that much. I also can't say I have some sort of Bambi soft spot for reindeer, either, though. I became a vegetarian for my health.

  5. Odd, I wrote another comment on here. Oh, well.

    I didn't mean it to sound derogatory. I applaud creativity in whatever form it takes. Just noting that my children, or rather, eldest, never took to this for whatever reason. My son hasn't shown much interest in presents with the exception of Woody from Toy Story.