Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Doing Homework

My children are on summer break. They still have nearly two months of it, too (even though my classes start nearly a month before their school begins). Yet right now, as I compose this entry, what are they doing? Homework.

You probably figured that out from the title. 

And what am I doing? Homework. I wrote on my list of things to do today "Write Blog," so here I am, writing it. Next I put away the clothes I washed and folded yesterday, and after that it's dishes. And then dinner. 

Sounds like drudgery. And it sort of is, but it does come with rewards. Tonight, after I finish dinner and tidy up the house, I pick up a babysitter and traipse off to the movies with the hubby. 

Guess what I'm going to see (again). Yes, I saw it last week, but I can't get enough Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (or any of the previous ones, either). And now that the hubby's reminded himself of everything from movie #5, he wants to go to #6 (and I obliged, because I'm just that magnificently wonderful a wife). 

And when I come back, the dishes will be done, the kids in bed, the house clean, the clothes put away, my blog written... nothing more to do but bask in the memories from a darkened movie theatre. 

Bliss. Heaven. Perhaps even a bit of the spiritual. My kind of evening.

Well worth the homework... and a load of dishes. What will you reward yourself with, once your homework is done?


  1. Yes it is amazing how life’s little pleasures fill us up to face the challenges life throws at you, I love movies and books it gives me the liberty to think of nothing other than the journey the story takes you on…

    I can wait to talk about Half blood prince, once enough time has passed I do not spoil it for anyone… but there is one part at the end that really pissed me off, I can’t figure out way they did it. It had no reason to change it. It would not have cost any more would not have been a special effect process, for the life of me I can’t figure it out…. It ruined the whole movie for me; I can’t wait to ask your thoughts on it. I know you need to separate it from the book and see it for the movie, but this travesty had no reason to change it…

    Sorry to get off topic, but you are right to enjoy a good night out with you husband…

  2. One can FINISH homework and be DONE?

    Damn, why didn't anyone tell me?

  3. this is Leacock Festival week (local literary festival - I read tonight - and didn't choke up, even - yay me!) - and because I'm not done all of my homework, I don't get to do what I usually do, which is to buy a pass to attend every event.

    BUT if I am a very good girl and get to page 50 by Friday night (and all of my editing work done and sent in by then, also) - I will get to go to the Saturday and Sunday events as my reward.

  4. Hurray, flit! I hope you get it done!

    And, yes, Stephanie, things do get done. It's just important to make each step an end... so that more things seem to get done.

    I'm so sorry, Jeff, that you hated something at the end. I would love to find out what it was... Perhaps I should blog on my thoughts, with a spoiler alert at the beginning so as not to upset anyone by giving it all away. Then again, Jeff, maybe you should do this. I'd love to know what you thought. I do tend to get cranky when significant liberties are taken with characters or traditions, yet I also tend to be highly tolerant of adaptations, for I am far too aware that the screen (or stage) cannot fully reflect the written page.

  5. go to my blog to read what i hated most about the half blood prince... that way it will be safe for your readers... you are my only steady opinion giver/poster.