Sunday, July 12, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I'm so busy, 
My head is spinnin'
Like a whirlpool
It never ends...

I just received official notification of my workload. Starting in mid-August, I'll begin FOUR (yes, I said four) online courses, all with new preparations (none that I've taught before), and I'll pick up another course (one I've taught MANY times at the same campus) in late September. Everything is a bit staggered once it gets going, though, for two of the online courses will end in late October, and the other two (plus the later face-to-face class) will end in December. 

Lots of work. But it's all good news, all of it. My kids will start school after Labor Day (yes, here in Washington schools actually wait until then), and I'll spend my days working on the classes so that I can spend my evenings working with them on homework, playing games, reading, and other fun stuff. I'm even considering waiting to do Zumba until the evenings so that my kiddoes can come with me and exercise, too. (This past year, I went to the YMCA in the mornings, after my daughter was in school, so she hardly ever got to go).

But, at last, my semester is defining itself. No more limbo for me! 

Now if I can just get one college to send me my textbooks, I will be ecstatic! I'm going to e-mail them again, right now!


  1. I'm so happy for you! Yeah for work that we love to do!!! Just great...