Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hard Endings

I could write over 50,000 words in November, but can't seem to finish the last 15,000 in December! Ugh!

Of course, part of the reason has nothing to do with writing. I've been baking about 15 kinds of cookies, wrapping presents, etc. I did finish all the (lame) Christmas verses for my Advent calendar, with mixed results… but I'm still short an ending for my novel.


It's not because I don't know the ending. I have it in my head pretty vividly. And I'm only a scene and a half from finishing. It isn't even because I don't sit down and writing. I have my novel page up RIGHT NOW, only I'm here online posting a blog update instead of FINISHING THE DAMN THING! UGH!

If any of you have a suggestion as to WHY it's hard to finish this, I would love to know. I'm at a loss.

But I HAVE to finish it! I need it DONE! I'm ending this blog post RIGHT NOW so that I can go back and work on it!

(Really, though, if anyone can offer insight, it would be more than welcome…)


  1. I've had a number of books where I stalled even though I knew what would happen at that exact point on - but the scene I was in the middle of wasn't working for me and I didn't just skip it and move on to fix it later (well, eventually I did then went back but I'm still not happy with it).

    Maybe you could skip past the exact spot you're in and finish the ending that flesh out the section you skipped?

    1. It wasn't that I couldn't finish… it's that I kept placing other things in front of writing… as if the deadline alone in November gave me a writing priority, and once it had been removed I no longer gave it the time it needed. Christmas did a number on me, too, even without sending any Christmas cards.

      But I FINISHED it… not on time, but still… really rough, but still… I got the thing done.