Monday, February 27, 2012

The Persistent Voice

I have three hours of Zumba today. I have to lug kids everywhere, shake, shake, shake all over the place to earn my income, dash to the store, do dishes, cook, tend to the house, get papers signed and faxed, and the list goes on.

Why am I still happy? Why do I have a cheesy grin on my face here, at the very start of the day, when no item has yet been crossed off? Because I also have a book waiting for me, the end of a novel I've been happily editing, a few good ideas to flesh it out, to make the climax nail-biting.

And I know, once I'm showered, once I've cleaned and fed everybody, that I'm sitting down here, at my beloved Mac, and working on it. That is the most beautiful thought I can imagine at this point.

More about that later. For now, it's off to make the kids' lunches!


  1. Anticipation of a fulfilling event release endorphins apparently.

  2. Awesome, Cheryl! I know exactly how you feel. I'm almost finished with my manuscript too. Dreams of my MS have woken me at 2am again, so I'm clickity-clacking away on my keyboard in the middle of the night again.