Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Not About You

Believe it or not
It might seem like the sun rose
Just so you could wake up
This morning
And get married
Or go on vacation
Or complain about the heat
But it rose to feed the trees
To feed the algae
To feed the countless lives
Stage by stage on the chain of life
And your waking was only one
Microscopic speck
Of the overall plan.

You might think traffic moves
Just so you can get to work
Or that old woman with coupons
Is in line just to irritate you
Or nothing's on TV
So that you can get the laundry done
Or cookies call to you
Or people wait to serve you.

Get over it
Get over yourself

You want it to be about you?

Do something with your life
To feed the world
To help people find work
Pay for groceries
Have clothing of their own

Forget about being served.



  1. It's not about me?

    Damn it, I thought it was.

    (Actually, I didn't. If the sun rose in the morning to serve me, it would come, like, four hours later).

    P.S. Snort. My capcha is "punize". Shows me.

  2. ha-ha-ha

    I'm sure it rose for me... nice one.

  3. This reminds me of the 4 steps to finding Zen by Richard Brautigan.

  4. I'm glad the first three commenters are all people who don't fall into this category. I've just had too many reminders lately of how self-centered people are. Five minutes of BRIDEZILLA shows the very lowest humans get to, other than murder and other heinous crimes.

    I'm definitely going to check out Brautigan's steps. I think I need them.

  5. You just described half the people I know.