Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Haiku #2

Jeff was the closest to the object I wrote about yesterday: he guessed a recycling bin. In my neighborhood, recycling bins are blue, and yard waste is green (thus the green inside the green), but his guess was really close!

Here's today's haiku riddle:

Metal on metal
Rubbing, clanging, undoing
All necessities
Got a guess what it is? Leave me a message. I'll reveal the answer tomorrow!


  1. only thing that comes to mind for me is keys

  2. I should skip guessing and stick with endorsing others' guesses. This time, I like flit's.

  3. yes a key fits...

    My first thought was a metal latch lock, so to be different I will guess that.

  4. Metal on metal...having a tough time with that one. And unusual situation. Can only think of train wheels, but that doesn't fit.

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  6. I really think it might be keys but I was also wondering about some sort of tool like a screwdriver? I'm going with the tool.

  7. One of those old fashioned doorbells? It certainly undoes all my concentration when it rings. Or an old fashioned telephone bell?