Monday, November 23, 2009

Writing that Novel

Just to let all of my five fans know, I'm very aware of how rarely I've been blogging, and my blogging may become even more sparse over the next month or so. I'm thirty pages from completing my revision of novel #2, and then I'm going to throw myself into writing novel #4... 

Which means I'm going to try to check out all of your blogs as much as I can, but I'm not going to be writing much here, unless it's to give all of you a report of how the writing is going (rather like a NaNoWriMo posting)... I just have to write, and I don't want the blog to get in the way of the novels. Neither will likely make me a cent in the long run, but I get such joy from writing the novels, I need to do so every chance I can.

I may float back to this in a bit, though, so don't take me off your follow list, please! I promise to keep in touch!


  1. No worries. I've been doing the same. As you well know.

  2. I'm actually considering writing poetry on the blog for a while. The Walking Man does it, and while his is BRILLIANT, writing my own would still tap into a part of me which has been dormant, even through all this novel and play writing.

  3. Who knew, we both tested out as Edward Cullen.

  4. Actually, I'm not surprised.

    Oh, but I admit, Jacob reminded me a bit of your husband... at least in the most recent movie... the same sort of "who the hell cares what you think?" sort of attitude, combined with, "oh, you know I'm sexy." Goes with his dragon tendencies, I think.

  5. I am not going anywhere, i don't post alot either only when i realy need to know something or need a break from it all.

    best of luck.

  6. shakes...I have my 7 novels in the can and I didn't write anything or anywhere else while getting them down. Such is the experience of novel writing. I'll not remove you from list. Just don't make yourself crazy and forget to eat.