Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feeling Lazy...

Remember the Simon & Garfunkel song, "Feeling Groovy?" Okay, so I'm too stressed to feel groovy, but with two new classes looming in front of me (they start tomorrow), I have no choice. Yes, I'm prepared. Yes, I've taught them before. Yes, the syllabi are turned in and probably copied by now (I hope), and yes, the first class is merely me up at the front scaring the pants off all the students by telling them all the course requirements.

But I'm still tense. Instead of singing, "Feeling Groovy," I'm humming "Feeling Lazy." I have two more syllabi to create, for two classes beginning in October, and I really need to have the courses completely set up this week, before the rest of my classes get out of hand. 

But each time I get online, I balk. "I don't want to!" the baby voice inside me whines. "It's Sunday!" she continues, "Why can't I rest on a Sunday, just one day per week?"

Unfortunately, the truth is, I can't. I need to get this done. So even this blog entry, yet another attempt to stall, must end. I need to get to work. No lazy days for me!


  1. Shakespeare, you are not lazy! I am lazy; I have had five weeks off from classes and haven't touched one textbook or prepared for any of my classes that are starting next Wednesday. I was suppose to retest for math placement and blew it off. I was suppose to prepare a tutorial assignment and blew it off. I am not proud of these facts and will probably regret my laziness, but it has been a glorious five weeks. Not having any pressures, sleeping in late, doing whatever my heart desires has been very soul restoring. Sure, I still have to take the placement test and prepare the tutorial, but I am better prepared having taken the time off than had I allowed the pressure to build.

    So, give yourself a break every now and then. Even a few hours is helpful, and don't feel guilty about it. You deserve it!

    Truly, I wish I could still be your student. You are too nice to scare the pants off your students, but you are a very good teacher. Take care, and I look forward to seeing your postings no matter how short they are.

  2. We'll practice. EVERYONE needs lazy days.

    Oh, Ouran Host Club manga - yep, I'll have to have 'em all.